Digital Dabs

Come one and all and look upon your Digital Dabs destiny! A review of Digital Dabs from Mr. Garth Cultivader - By Sensible Seeds staff At first glance, the product is very sturdy. A perfect look into the world of stealth dabs. Its looks like a Grand Canyon colored Ecig with the Digital Dabs logo down the side. The color on the front led is an orangish red one associates with ecigs these days. You could take this pen anywhere, vape anywhere you choose, with very little smell and output. From opening the tube the Digital Dabs pen comes in to the first inhale, it all seems very familiar. Anyone who’s opened an ecig pack and put it all together will be glad this time its easier than plug and play. This beast is ready when you take it out of the pack. Just press it to your lips like any ecig on the market and let the Vader Flavor Savor fill your lungs with some of the best quality shatter available to many customers. I’ll describe for you the best I can on what the experience is like. The Shatter inside has a fruity, terpiny taste. Really relying in on the HIGH THC content. Don’t sit there and drag on it like you’re skeptical. It’ll lay you down for the rest of the night and probably into the next day as well. It’ll have you dabbed out like you’ve never been. The packaging is all very professional and the product on the inside even more so. I know how hard Mr. Cultivader has worked on these items. The shatter inside is the Cross Phenol 87 which is a proprietary strain of Garth’s. It takes breeding and singling out the best hybrids, growing them season after season making sure theyre stable, and then going into production of pre filled shatter pens. Whats awesome is now we all have a chance to sample those hard worked meds. Each pen is preloaded with enough shatter for about 100 hits. Now, if you’re a drag hog like me, and you take big hits, that number will significantly decrease. But that’s nothing to do with the product. Some people just have big lungs or want to take massive hits. The pen will let you know when you’ve had too big of a hit even if your lungs haven’t noticed yet. Regardless of how big of a hit you can take, this pen is perfect for N00Bs and seasoned dabbers alike. It all comes down to stealth. If you need to dab on the sly, this product is for you. Those of us here at The Sensible Seeds thank Mr. Garth Cultivader for all of his hard work and his generosity. He sent us a nice amount of pens to work with and review. We are impressed to say the least. Bean is still orbiting somewhere in Earth’s atmosphere. We thank you Garth for everything you do. We’re all enjoying the tunes and the Digi dabs....

thank you so much The Sensible Seed Company

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The Humboldt Mecca Cup

Here are my 3 Vader Flavor's that Im blasting into wax for this years Humboldt Mecca Cup 2014

And here are the results for the top concentrate Winners for the 2014 Humboldt mecca cup

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